About you: I’m john and I want to be a racecar driver

Your learning: I learned how hard it is to build trust politically because it is so easy to stab someone in the back. I still don’t completely understand every need necessary for a country to survive on its own.

You and your character : I did not have to make conflicting decisions because I was not informed enough to develop an opinion on the matters.

Making AIC better: I would like more detailed feedback on fixing individual problems within countries.

Establishing your character : I have advice to not let you inbox get pilled up with un responded to emails, be sure to respond.

NSA Game MENTOR: the game mentor and NSA were helpful because when I would submit something and it was not correct they would help me fix it.

Impact Beyond Class: I would discuss the simulation with my friends in the class but I do not care much about real events in the middle east.