In a couple of weeks, we'll be asking what you thought about the Arab-Israeli Conflict Simulation, including what you liked, but also what you didn't, as well how you think that the simulation might work better.

For the moment, however, the Red Game Mentors wanted to share some thoughts about the horrible recent events in Paris, Beirut, and elsewhere, and to invite your thoughts and comments. You're cordially invited both to read the following, submitted by the Game Mentor on behalf of the entire Red Game mentor team, and to respond if you're so moved:

Hello, everyone. I would immediately like to make it clear that this message is NOT a part of the AIC simulation. I am speaking to you as Emma the person, not as Game Mentor Em. I am here to address the recent terrorist attacks in France and elsewhere, as well as the problem of including out of game situations within the simulation.
First of all, we are aware that the attacks that recently took place in France were orchestrated and carried out by the terrorist organization ISIS (ISIL) and were a grave tragedy. While recognizing the brutality and despicable nature of that particular catastrophe, it is our duty to realize that other places in the world, including Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Nigeria have been suffering equally terrible and horrific terrorist events, and usually with a much higher frequency, especially in the Middle Eastern region. To normalize violence in such places is to develop an apathy for our fellow humans. It is our responsibility to keep such places and people in our compassionate thoughts as well, and to seek out information on their situations when they are ignored on Western news.
Furthermore, out of respect for the very real and serious nature of current events, we would like to move away from bringing real-world situations into the simulation. It can complicate and confuse the simulation that we are trying to create. However, we can learn from the outcomes of these situations, and let those lessons inform how we make decisions within our simulated experiences. This simulation exists to create our own world: you all guise as actual world diplomats, but our experiences are unique, and our own. We exist in a dynamic world of "as if," and hope to create our own experiences organically.external image cleardot.gifYou are all more than welcome, truly, we encourage you, considering the classes you are in and the material you are covering, to discuss these real events with your teachers, your classmates, and your friends and family. This particular thread will be provided as a space for discussion as well. If you comment here, be aware you comment as a person, not as a diplomat you are simulating. You are all also invited to message your NSAs and myself privately if you wish, should you want to discuss or express feelings about the recent terrorist attacks and real life situations as well. We are more than happy to be resources and listening ears for you all.
Thank you for your time, for your great work, and for your compassion and consideration to the victims of
tragedy. Emma