a.) I am Siraj Mahal and I played Bashar al-Assad the President of Syria in the Blue game
b.) I am from Brampton, Canada and attend North Park Secondary School
c.) In real life, I will be starting university next year at Ryerson university at the Ted Rogers School of Management. I plan to achieve my degree in 4 years then go and work for a business in management or marketing

2.) Yes, my experience was positive with the AIC. I found it really cool that everyone could interact with everyone and work together to create a solution.

3.) I would have like as a character and a country to join with Egypt and get them under our rule

a.) Yes our NSA was helpful to us. They were helpful, responded quickly, and was very encouraging!
b.) Yes our Game Mentor was helpful to us. They provided detailed feedback and gave us good suggestions on what to do next in the game.
c.) Personally, I believe that they both did their game very well and I wouldn't want them to change the way they are operating the AIC simulation.

5.) To any future AIC participants, make sure to log in once a day since the game moves quickly and the NSA & Game Mentors are fast when responding. Also make sure you know your group members and have their contact information to always stay in touch and discuss the events that could transpire in the game. Also just make sure you know some background about your character and the country you are representing before you start the game.

6.) All in all, the game did run smoothly. The one main thing I would fix is who is playing in each game. It was hard to communicate with people who we didn’t know in our game. Meaning each game should contain students from the same school or the same class. That way even if the student/group does not have access to a computer they can still discuss the events that occur throughout the length of the game at any time. This would be the main suggestion I would pose to improve the AIC simulation game.